Monday, March 1

A welcoming space

My guest room updates are complete. Come on in and take a look!

The beds are sporting their new headboards as well as matching throws. These matelasse coverlets I've had for 10 years; I just keep re-using them in different ways. The throw pillows and mock balloon shades I made several years ago. I still like this fabric and wanted to re-use it, which is why I was so glad to find the new fabric for the headboards.

A note about guest beds: I like twin beds for a guest room. I have three sons, and this room is often used by their friends. Guys do not like to share a bed, I've learned. If we had a double bed in here and needed to house two guys, one would sleep on the bed and one would sleep on the floor. Twin beds make the room a bit more versatile. And the couples who visit us don't seem to mind sleeping in twin beds. They can always pretend they're on a 1950's TV show. "Good night, Ricky." "Night, Lucy."

Here's the rest of the guest room. Our guest room is, generally speaking, the last stop for furniture we've used other places. The bedside table (from Bombay Company, a store I still miss) once held a lamp beside my living room sofa. The secretary was an estate sale find many years ago. The wing-backed chair once graced my mother's living room. And the chest of drawers lived in my parents' bedroom. . . then in mine. . . then got painted white and served as a changing table in my boys' nursery. . . and now lives on in a coat of black paint. Good thing I like mixed rather than matched furniture.

The chairside table is a stack of hatboxes I found at an antique store.

One of my favorite things about our house is that it has a guest bedroom and bath en suite. The bathroom isn't large, but it's private. The black and white checked floor seemed to me to beg for some red. I love this hot-air balloon toile shower curtain. This fabric was another find at the $7.99/yard fabric store.

Click here if you'd like to read about how I made the curtain. My sewing skills are limited to straight lines, but it's amazing what you can make if you can sew a straight line!

The guest room and bath have a few French touches. I already had the French posters which hang over the beds, so I just looked for things to go with these.

I love the little prints in the bathroom. Those I found several years ago at the One Spot at Target: the prints were 4 for $1 and the frames were $1 each. The ceiling tile was from Dollar General. I found it on clearance for 50 cents. It had an ugly floral decal on it; I just spray painted several layers of black and Heirloom White and distressed it a bit. The clock was my one splurge: it was $15 at TJMaxx.

All in all, my guest suite required a bit of time but very little cash to make it a welcoming space. If any of you, my blogging friends, come to visit me, this is where you'll stay. . . and you can let me know if it's a comfortable place to be. Meanwhile, thanks for taking this little tour with me!

I'm joining


  1. You have really done a beautiful job! i Love it all, and the warm colors. Its extra nice when you can use things you have. WAY TO GO! JGG

  2. It looks perfect for guests! It's really satisfying to use things you already have and make such an inviting atmosphere. Nice job!

  3. It's really lovely. You did a great job!


  4. Can I make a reservation?

    That's just beautiful, Richella. It's simple, but elegant and looks inviting and comfortable. What I really like is the versatility. It works well for the boys' friends, but it would also work well for everyone else.

  5. My parents are currently remodeling what was supposed to be the guest bedroom in the house, but what turned into a junk/computer room for the better part of my time living there. The repainted the walls, bought a new monitor and desk for the computer, and my mom's going to add a bed in there (for the first time ever!). She wants to go for a beachy theme, which I think would be nice. Anything that reminisces the beach with me is alright in my book. :) All of your pictures look great! I loved that hatbox table idea. I thought that was cute and inventive.

  6. Hi!
    I think your guest room looks cozy and inviting. I am ready for a change of scenery and a visit to someplace new. I wish I could be on my way to see you!
    I love the way you used the hat boxes, they are really interesting and look terrific next to the chair. The room appears really large, lucky for you and your guests! I like the colors and the placement of the furniture, and of course the Parisian theme! A really nice room, good job.
    I'd love for you to stop by for a visit sometime.
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  7. I will be there at the end of May... LOL
    Really it is beautiful and so welcoming!
    Great job!

  8. I love the colors you have used Richella, and twin beds seem the perfect solution. I have a full size bed in ours but we don't often get vistors. If I ever re-do it, I shall consider two beds.

  9. Richella, it all turned out so well. :) I don't mind twin beds at all--in all honesty, it's kind of nice to have my own bed every once in awhile. ;) Everything is so pretty and welcoming. A place I know I'd love to stay! :)

  10. Should we consider this an invitation to try out your guest room?
    Really warm and inviting..I love the shower curtain fabric.

  11. What a beautiful and luxurious space. I love that it is a complete suite. Such a luxury to have a bathroom and sitting area. Just beautiful and so inviting. Hugs, Marty

  12. I am sure I would be quite comfortable if I ever came for a visit. Great job! Blessings!!

  13. Richella, it's so beautiful! I love the secretary and hat boxes. The twin beds are a good idea; much more versatile.

  14. I'm sold...when can I come stay in your beautiful, warm, welcoming guest suite? It is wonderful!


  15. Love your guest room and all the red touches. I love me some red. I like your idea about the twin beds. You are so right about the teens. One will sleep on the floor and one will sleep on the bed. I found this to be true even when my daughter had friends over. I am off to read how you made the headboards and the shower curtain.

  16. Hi Richella, Your guestroom looks great! I love those hatboxes! I have a twin in my guestroom too (just because there's no space for anything larger since it's my office as well). But if I didn't have my desk in there I'd put two twin beds also. Love that it has it's own bath!

    You did a really wonderful job. It looks pretty and restful!


  17. It is so gorgeous...I love your style, Honey!

  18. I LOVE IT! I really love the subway tile in the bathroom and the french theme! Those hat boxes are divine as well! Thanks for sharing! You did a fabulous job! Stopping by from SITS!

  19. Lovely, when can we come for a visit? :)

  20. I would love to have that room and bathroom as a MASTER suite! (Even the twin beds. HA!) It is gorgeous and I love every little touch. The hat boxes are genius.

  21. Love it! Love the twin bed idea and love the colors you used!


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