Friday, April 23, 2010

Special announcement: a party!

Today I have a special announcement to make. I'm having my very first linky party!
Now, I love to give parties. For just about any occasion. Birthdays? Certainly. New Year's? Of course. Super Bowl? You bet. Want to watch an old Christmas movie? This is the place. Star Trek was released on DVD? Beam me up. These are some of the parties I've hosted in my house during the last six months.

Recently, a friend of mine was here in my home for a party. She left the party to use the powder room, and when she returned she remarked, "I love snooping around other people's houses, looking for those special touches they've added. It's fun to get ideas from other people."

Later, I was thinking about what she'd said, and I realized that it would be fun if we could do that here in Blogland. I love the way blogging gives us glimpses into one another's homes.

So on Friday, May 7, won't you join me here at Imparting Grace for a linky party dedicated to "those special touches"?

What special touches have you added to your place? Do you always have candles burning in the windows? Do you keep fresh flowers on the kitchen table? Do you do something special to make your family comfortable or to make your guests feel welcome?

Write a post telling us about the little things you've done to make your place feel like home, then share those at my party!


"Those Special Touches" party at Imparting Grace
Friday, May 7
Linky will be up at 10:00 P.M. Eastern on Thursday, May 6

I'd love for you to grab my party button and help spread the word!

I'll confess that I'm a little nervous about this party. I've hosted lots and lots of parties in real life, but never a linky party. I keep thinking of that line from Field of Dreams: "If you build it, they will come."

Will you? Will you join me? Please say yes!


  1. Sounds wonderful! I'll try to be here. :)

  2. What a sweet idea!! Now I have to figure out if I have any special touches to offer!!! Blessings!

  3. Ooh I'll have to get my thinking cap on and take some pics ;-) This will be fun.
    Have a great Friday Richella.

  4. I love to see the "special touches" that others put in their homes, also. When I'm visiting someone for the first time I get distracted just looking around as we visit. This will be a great party! I get to look every week, Woo Hoo!

  5. Richella, how fun!

    Sometimes I need a post that is lighthearted and this one sounds like it's perfect.

    I've recently moved to a smaller rental. It's nothing like my beautiful previous dream home. However, I'm trying to do little things to make it special. Maybe this will motivate me further.


    PS Thanks for the invite to your party. I'll spread the word on Facebook etc.

  6. If you host it, I will come. In fact, I would come to any old party YOU were hosting, sweetie! :D


  7. I'll be there, Richella!!! :) I might have to post a little earlier in the week, but I am going to link up with you. This sounds like a great idea. :)

  8. Sounds like fun. I'm going to be totally high maintenance and ask you to email me and remind me of your party. If you can't no worries, I've put it on my calendar. But lately I'm a ridiculous scatter brain and forgetting everything! I'd love to join!

  9. YES! I will join you! Richella you are so kind and very creative.
    What a perfect idea for a linky party. I just love it!

    Thank you for following along on my blog. I'm truly honored to have you join me sweet friend. You're the best!

    *Blessings & Smiles* ~Melissa :)

  10. What a wonderful idea! Love it. I'll definitely try and take part.


  11. Great idea for a party! I want to participate and I need to look around to find something fun to post.

  12. This is a lovely idea. I will certainly be reading along, but will try to join in, too.

  13. Count me in. I will grab a button and add it to my blog.

  14. This sounds like a great linky party. I will be back!

    I'm glad that I found your blog. It's encouraging.


  15. Richella,
    I'm in! I hope I don't forget it... I have such a bad memory.

    Love the barstools, that fabric is fabulous!


  16. I love this idea! Count me in!

    I will put the button on my sidebar!


  17. Lovely blog & even lovelier idea! Though I'd love to make to your part, I don't think I'll be able to make it. I have to work Saturday and be up early that morning, as well as need to prepare the night before.

  18. Sounds fun! I found you via the Dishing It party at Serenity Now - I pretty much just like the bloggy parties! :) This sounds like a fun one!


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