Friday, June 18, 2010


It's been a busy week around here. Yesterday was my middle son's 17th birthday was yesterday. This little guy:

His golden birthday--he was 17 on the 17th! And he's an L.A. Lakers fan, so it was exciting for him to have his team win the championship on his birthday.

In addition to that, I'm hosting a bridal shower for a beautiful young woman tomorrow. Guest list of 50. SO exciting.

Except that the air conditioning on the main level of my house has stopped working. Uh-oh.

Did I mention that it's been in the 90's every day this week? Oh, boy.

Your prayers would be appreciated!


Jennifer Juniper said...

I love a shower! Sending cool thoughts your way :)

Nadir @ Hodgepodge said...

Oh no! I'll definately be praying for a divine breeze to pass through your house tomorrow :-) Have a blessed weekend!

Dawn said...

why is it that the air-conditioning always goes out when it is so screaming hot? yikes! here's hoping you can get a great AC guy to come fix the problem :)
i know your shower will be amazing... i can tell from here that you are the most amazing hostess. really, truly.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Oh, girl, do I feel your pain or what??! Our upstairs unit was fixed....$500 later. :( Before they got the part, we had to hang a heavy blanket on the stairwell so that the downstairs unit didn't overwork itself trying to get the cool air upstairs.

You must be the best hostess b/c you are always hosting bridal showers. I hope the favor is returned when your boys get hitched. ;)

Happy 17th Birthday to the birthday boy. :)

Melissa Miller said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome son! Love all of the gorgeous red hair in your family. I have always wanted it.

Oh no! It has been soooo hot. I hope you can get it fixed soon and the party goes well Richella. Show us photos!

Have a wonderful and *cool* weekend. ~Melissa :)

BrentDavis1 said...

If that guys little the lady beside him must have been on one shrimpifying reduction program! O you punny girl you!!! I guess he'll always be your little guy. A-type busy as usual I see! Happy anniversary of motherhood revisited! Glad they come in smallish developmental mode aren't we? Here's to a repaired AC or consequently toasty weekend!

BrentDavis1 said...

Wasn't a copper scavenger was it?

BrentDavis1 said...

Sorry for leaving my contractive apostrophe out before! Needed that English lesson...or maybe just an admonishment to edit. Errors in elision!!! O my!!


Southern Lady said...

Happy 17th to your son. My daughter just had hers a couple of weeks ago. My, time flies! I am praying about your air situation. We have been in the 90's for over a week and I don't think mine has stopped running. Carla

Melanie said...

I am sending you a hug because you are in need of it:) That and prayers. LOL!

Hope it all goes off without a hitch.

dawn said...

My hubby's birthday was yesterday too! Hope the shower went well!

Paula said...

Happy birthday to your son! Good luck with your shower today. I hope that the ac is fixed by now.

Ruth said...

Hi,love your blog. i enjoyed browsing through and reading them. i'm following along:)
Will be praying for the party.

Denise said...

Oh goodness, I hope you can get the a/c working before your shower, it is high 90's here too, I can't imagine not having the a/c on! Hope you take lots of pics of the shower to share with us ;)

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